Banish flakes from Your Hair with Fern Tea


If you suffer from dandruff or maybe its large flakes from your scalp don’t go for the medicated shampoo.

Scientists have revealed an ancient remedy for this. British researchers have found that medieval clean freaks had a more natural solution in lieu of any shampoo.

They made themselves some Fern tea. Asplenium trichomanes cells were found in  the tooth plaque of skeletons from the 9th and 10th centuries.

The plant grows on rocky ground around the world. Scientists made the breakthrough examining human remains in the medieval necropolisof Can Reiners (The necropolis of Can Reiners was located above the forum of the Roman city ) on Mallorca.

According to researchers from the University  of York the fern was not part of the human diet so it is believed it was more likely a medicine.

Records show fern leaves have b been used to combat dandruff, flaky scalp and Kidney stones as far back as the 1st century.

Elena Fibrin from the university archaeology department, said that these ferns have been used by herbalists, surgeons, doctors and other healers for centuries across Europe.

They believe the fresh or dried leaves would have been infused in water

I found this tea on eBay . was not easy to find


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