Ways to Make Your Dog Smarter

  1. Hide the Food – Now this I believe would need to be started right from the beginning of ownership. Could be fun could be frustrating but rewarding. Put away dogs bowl . Hide food around the yard for your dog to seek out. This encourages natural exploratory behavours and allowing them to use their senses.
  2. A New Scent – Package up something like say Lavender or your sock. When they go to smell it give them a treat and a tug of war game which they usually love. When your dog makes the association with the smell hide it and cue them to search for it. When they find it reward them with a game of tug of war. They love it. Later try hiding it in a box amongst other boxes. They will indicate when they have found it and also looking for that game.
  3. Game of Fetch – That simple game is great to keep the dogs mentally active. Reward them for returning the object.
  4. Hide and Seek – This is a great training tool for recall in the back yard or park.  It helps govern their ability to come when called. Two people needed one with the dog and the other hiding. When hidden from sight cue your dog to search and allow them to hunt.
  5. The challenge Engage in a mental memory game by hiding a treat under a cup. When your dog nuzzles the cup lift it and give them a treat. The challenge will be as your dog improves introduce more  cups to the game 

Source Dog Behaviourist – Laura Vissaritis

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