All Water Is Not Equal

I have written on the subject of water and alkalinity for years.

Up until recently I always regarded bottle water as your  best alternative to tap water. What I have read recently tells me different and also is of great concern. The most latest book I have read is called the “Miraculous properties of Ionized Water” by the Author – Bob McCauley.

He was talking about bottled water being very expensive and the 2.7 million tons of plastic used to produce these bottles each year as well as 1.5 million barrels of oil that is used to make the polyethylene terephthalate bottles.

If you buy bottled water make sure its spring or mineral water that has total dissolved solids of at least 100 ppm.  Water below 50 ppm should not be consumed because it will leach vital minerals from the body. Purified water is acidic this is why ionized water is important to your health.

Anyway he goes into great depth on reasons why you should not be drinking bottled water. Purified water is produced by deionization, distillation or reverse osmosis and should not be consumed for three reasons. It acidified the body, leaches minerals from the body and the large size and shape its water molecule clusters do not hydrate the body efficiently.

He goes on to say purified water should be used in humidifier, fountains, autoclave and fish tanks. It should not be consumed.

Very interesting book well worth the read



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