How To Stay Hydrated


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How Do You Stay Hydrated?

You’ve no doubt heard that proper hydration is the key to sustaining a healthy body. When was the last time you thought about the way in which you hydrate on an average basis?

DrinksThe Centers for Disease Control reports that for many people, being thirsty means grabbing sugary sodas, caffeinated drinks and other calorie-laden beverages on the go. Over time, this can lead to a variety of problems, including trouble with shedding unwanted pounds. What you drink has just as much effect on your overall wellness as what you eat.1

Here’s just a sample of the calories found in the common beverages2 that many consumers drink annually:

Type of Beverage Calories in 12 ounces Calories in 20 ounces
Fruit punch 192 320
100% apple juice 192 300
100% orange juice 168 280
Lemonade 168 280
Regular lemon/lime soda 148 247
Regular cola 136 227
Sweetened lemon iced tea 135 225
Tonic water 124 207
Regular ginger ale 124 207
Sports drink 99 165
Fitness water 18 36
Unsweetened iced tea 2 3
Coffee (no sugar/cream) 5 7
Diet soda (with aspartame) 0* 0*
Carbonated water (unsweetened) 0 0
Water 0 0
*Some diet soft drinks can contain a small number of calories that are not listed on the nutrition facts label.


As you can see, water has zero calories, with no added sugars or caffeine. So why do many consumers allow sodas and coffee to be their primary source of nourishment? Clean healthy water IS the best choice for optimal hydration.

Kangen Water®: Smart Hydration

Smart WaterYour body needs water for complete hydration and balance! Only Kangen Water® from Enagic® hydrates you with mineral-rich, alkaline water created by amazing ionizing process. This can give you optimal hydration. And with the fresh, mild taste of Kangen Water®, you’ll find how easy it is to consume the recommended 8-10 glasses of water a day for optimal hydration.

The healthy choice is crystal clear: Trust Kangen Water® to naturally hydrate your body so you can enjoy a healthy and happy life!



David Voth
Enagic® International Distributor
Richmond, TX
(281) 239-6410
You can choose to make Kangen Water the source of your prosperity, health, and overall wellness.


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2 responses to “How To Stay Hydrated

  1. AmeriBev

    This piece is clearly focused on disparaging sugar-sweetened beverages in order to prop up a particular product and drive sales.

    With that said, we agree that water is important to staying hydrated, and our industry offers a plethora of bottled water options. However, a wide variety of beverages, including juice, tea, regular and diet soft drinks, can also help keep you hydrated. In fact, diet soft drinks are 99 percent water. These beverages come in an array of calorie counts and sizes. Moreover, 100% juice offers important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In other words, your favorite beverage can be incorporated in a balanced diet.

    • lesleyvoth

      Thank you for your comment. However I beg to differ on your suggestion that soft drinks diet or not, are not the healthiest way to become hydrated. I understand that juices have important nutrient for the body but once again we have a high sugar content. Studies show that it does not matter wether it is diet drinks or stevia drinks and any artificial sweeteners the body still reacts the same and utilizes the sugar the same wether artificial or cane sugar or corn syrup or maple syrup. Now eating fruit is a different story as you are utilizing the nutrients of the fruit including fibre which is extremely necessary for the body.
      Yes I am pushing a certain product to produce high ph, ionized, hydrating water.It has a lot of other uses as well. I have done a lot of study are reading on this matter and I believe 100% in this machine. I am using it, my cholesterol has gone down and my lung capacity seems to have improved dramatically, I am sleeping better than I ever have.
      I know we have heaps of bottled water available to us but studies show that water holds no nutrients what so ever and is basically dead water. Look I could go on for ever on this subject because it is of interest to me so I am inclined to go on a bit.
      If you want to read on more about the subject of Kangen water go to
      I believe you will find it quite interesting plus it has a free ebook on the subject.
      Once again I appreciate your comment. Take Care

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