Reduce Stress Naturally



There are times when the stress in your life takes your breath away.  Your mind scrambles and you are unable to think or take action in a practical, calm way. You can’t always go to the beach for a beautiful quiet place or under a beautiful tree or pasture sometime you are in traffic, in a hotel room, somewhere that is not so aesthetically beautiful. You need to take action just where you are.

Two things I do:

1. Stop just sit still, or stand still count to 10 – Just be still. (thats what I call an Oh Shit! moment)

2. Breathe – Don’t panic,  Take four deep deep breaths before you do anything. This is a good practice when someone has upset you and you need to do this before you reply. It will help you to stop saying something you may regret later.

Here are some suggested ways to reduce stress, naturally: 

  • Give your mind a break from information overload. We live in a world that includes too many forms of stimuli, like television, radio, cell phones and the Internet. Make a sincere effort to get away from this by turning them off when not needed. We all need time in the day to shut down the noise. Be silent and just listen. Make a time before the family wake up. I find that 5am is a good time for me for those night owls maybe once everyone is in bed shut that tv off and just sit in silence for even a couple of minutes to start increase the time as the weeks go by. You will find your sleep will be more restful and your energy levels will increase. Always have a full glass of filtered water before you go to bed and when you rise. Going to bed hydrated will allow that good night sleep that is so essential to our bodies. 
  • Start meditating. Find a quiet spot in your home or office and learn mindful meditation techniques to clear the mind of all the day’s stresses. Learn to listen to your body by deeply breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, making note of your heartbeat and the sensations of your body.
  • Allow positive thoughts to replace negative ones. Focus on the good things in your life and let those things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things dissipate. By paying attention to the positives, the negatives won’t seem as powerful in your life. Before you go to sleep write down 5 things that you are grateful for that has happened in that day. I have a note book by my bed so that it reminds me to do this. Believe me it makes a difference.
  • Some time in the morning or evening  get outside and take a brisk walk, ride a bike or go for a run around your community. Bring extra Kangen Water® to keep hydrated during exercise. Taking in the fresh air and clean water will have a naturally refreshing effect on your spirit. Good time to go for a walk hand in hand with your spouse and or kids.



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