Alkaline Health – Part 5


The Map above gives you an idea how many countries in which you will find many using this particular water filter.
Some would say that the cost is far above what they can afford but if you look at the graph below you will see per year you are paying much more for bottled water  plus you are not getting the benefits or the pleasant taste of this ‘Kangen water’.


The above figures are based on a family of four. As you can see over the years the Filter machine is rather cheaper to own and a one time investment,  than buying bottled water like Dasani,  which incidentally is very acidic and oxidated and an environmental disaster.

If you are interested in improving your health, don’t take my word for Alkalized water is going to do things for your health that you could never have imagined. Get this book below written by Bob McCauley. It will convince you that you need to make some changes.

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