Best Buy Wednesday Book – 05/11/2016

This is a must read for all families. This includes your teenagers. I think that if you are having problems organizing and finding a way to become more successful in your life this book will do it for you.
When I go back to the States I am going to leave this book for my Grandson Jayden who is about to turn 18 in a few months. All kids need the focus. As much as our parents do the best they know how there are limitations. I believe there should be no limitations in our experiences or learning. This book should be read by young adults at least before they are 20 years old or sooner. Fewer mistakes will be made and success brings the ultimate happiness, confidence,and generosity. That is something we all want for our kids.

I believe that it does not matter what age you are you can learn something from this book.

“If you don’t do different Nothing will change”


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