Poem Friday 03/11/2016 – It Was A great Party They Threw




IMG_2910 (1)

Last Saturday the 5th March my son  and his bride became husband and wife
Together is a start of an exciting adventuresome time and mates for life.


I am proud of my son It was a fun and wonderful day
Few tears lots of laughs to send them on their way


And Kerry glowing and a beautiful bride
For her Mum great Joy and love and pride


My Son Jamin had the job of best man
They have been good brothers it was a perfect plan


My niece Donna was in control of the evening she was the MC
She did a great job, very proud she is related to me



Wow how fast time went
For that very much anticipated event

All the organization and preparing came to an end
Well done and no hitches but a lot of energy they did expend


Well done Kerry Jono and her brother Chris
They can now relax all that running around I bet they don’t miss.



We were having a few drinks to celebrate the future wedding only a week ago today
Family and friends got to meet the night before the wedding at the local hotel not too far away

Now we have parted ways, some on holiday others gone home
Kinda feels a little empty feels like  ‘leaving the nest’ syndrome

The reality is that’s life and each day is a blink
One day a princess the next hands in the sink



But it was so good to see everyone and family and friends together
My grandkids looking fantastic and such a pleasure
Those who were looking down from upstairs thank you as they provided the perfect weather.

Jono and Kerry they are a great couple those two
May their life together always be of sky’s so blue and always true
Cause it was a great party they threw


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