Best Buy Wednesday Book – 01/20/2016

The book the Fourth Agreement I have read. This book is a must for every child to read in their Teenage life. It is a good foundation for how to cope with things that they will be confronted with. Now on saying that we as Adults should read this book as well.
In don Miguel Ruiz words lives will “become filled with grace, peace, and unconditional love.”

In this day when we have a bullying mentality at schools where because of ignorance those doing the bullying have no idea or even care what they are doing to another persons life. Maybe if they were sat down and made to read this book lives would change.

There are two other books which I have not read but will do. If you buy the three on Amazon they come in a bundled price which is pretty reasonable I think

Happy Reading as ‘If you Don’t do different nothing will change’

Lesley Voth




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