Poem Friday – 11/27/2015 – It will Never Be The Same

It will Never Be The Same

Author: Lesley Voth



It was a beautiful crisp clear night
Happy chatter, dining out, off to soccer
Lots of activity to bring joy and to excite

Hundreds of people did not realize it was their last
To be mourned by thousands, they have now past

Explosions, gun fire in the hands of young killers ended their life
Somebody’s son, daughter, girlfriend, Mother, a loved one or wife

What happened to these assassins that they have grown a hard and vicious heart
They were babies, once pure, what was it that they learn to harm others and blow themselves apart.

One must of course ask ‘why Paris, Why France’
Stop and think people the gun laws gave those victims no chance

Those killers knew that there was no defense
A disarmed country with these threats at this time, to me makes no sense.

We need to fear these children who are bred to hate
We have not learnt this about them until it was too late

God’s advice in biblical days, Deuteronomy 20:17, advice not heeded
In highnsight should have been taken for the sake of todays peace it was needed

We need to stop with the technology on outside activity, turn those damn things off
Look around be aware, whats happening, take the advice , don’t scoff

These guys pick their victims in places where they know have been stripped of protecting their rights.
They came to Paris to kill hundreds that Friday 13th night

What happened in Paris will happen somewhere again thats for sure
Tears of blood once again will flow, broken hearts that loved ones will have to endure

To conquer these assassin we need to be vigilant like never before
They are amongst us, they could be that person next door

No matter where you live and choose to remain
With These bloodbaths around the world your life as you know it will never be the same

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