Can Your Dog Eat These Fruits

This is worth checking as I was not aware they could not eat avocado’s. Lucky I don’t have a dog cause I would probably think nothing of feeding it an avocado as I eat them everyday so would think it would be healthy for my dog (If I had one)

tumblr_npr2dmc9Om1tk5xeqo1_r1_540 tumblr_npr2dmc9Om1tk5xeqo7_r1_540 tumblr_npr2dmc9Om1tk5xeqo6_r1_540 tumblr_npr2dmc9Om1tk5xeqo5_r1_540 tumblr_npr2dmc9Om1tk5xeqo4_r1_540 tumblr_npr2dmc9Om1tk5xeqo3_r1_540 tumblr_npr2dmc9Om1tk5xeqo2_r1_540

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