Did You Know – 04/27/2015


1. An Aussie beekeeper and his son have revolutionized the way honey can be harvested.
Fresh honey will drip out of plastic tubes through an in-built extractor, which means there will be no need to open the hive and disrupt or hurt the bees. It is pure unprocessed, untouched. The advantage of this is that it may help to prevent the decline of bee health which has seen hive collapses occur due to diseases and pesticides.

Source and more info

2. They have been using Polio Virus to fight cancer with some great success.
The video explains it in greater detail

3. Daydreaming increases Brain Power. I used to do a lot of this in my younger years so I had better get back to the habit.
Professor Moshe Bar from Bar-Ilan University in Israel says by embracing our daydreams we are able to activate a default network utilizing many parts of the brain.
“This cross-brain involvement may be involved in behavioral outcomes such as creativity and mood, and may also contribute to the ability to stay successfully on task while the mind goes off on its merry mental way”
Daydreamers are often chastised for being absent-minded (used to do that to my youngest son all the time – maybe I should not have) now it seems there may be some great benefits of this habit


4. Plastic Chairs can be dangerous.

Just thought I would lighten things up with a good Aussie poem

5. A 2015 study published in the journal of the American College of Cardiology revealed that runners exercising a fast pace three times weekly for up to four hours had a higher risk of dying that runners exercising between one and 2.4 hours, two to three times weekly at a slow to moderate pace.
They also found that people also feel they have failed if they do not live up to their expectations if they do not improve or reach their goals. This can create anxiety and affect self-esteem and depressive disorders.
Bottom line ‘Moderation is what is called for to optimize your health’.

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