You Know Everything About A Good Wine?

Well you can sound like you do anyway.
We have all heard the jargon when it comes to sipping, swirling, spitting, sniffing and all that stuff from those who do or not, know about a good wine.
There is also eight words that can also make you sound like a wine buff. They are:

1. Bouquet – Refers to the smell of a wine. Some old school tasters reserve use of this term for the special aromas that develop with bottle age.

2. Austere – When a wine is too severe or restrained on the palate. It’s mostly uncomplimentary, but some wines can be “austere” in their youth.

3. Corked – The unsavoury smell of mouldy cellar or damp cupboard that sometimes emerges when you open a bottle.

4. Terroir (pronounced ter-wahr) – A French term referring to the exact site-specific conditions, including soil, sun exposure and climate, that grapes have been grown in and the flavor this imparts on the wine.

5. Jammy – While its good for wines to be fruity, jammy wines are those that taste of cooked or stewed fruit, usually the product of grapes grown in areas that are too warm for that particular variety.

6. Tannin – The collective term for a bitter group of chemicals found in the skins, pips and stems of a grape and also in the oak barrels used to age wine. You taste the “Tannins” in a wine when you give a glass of red a big swish around your mouth. Not necessarily a bad thing, tannins are an imperative component of reds.

7. Varietal – A wine named after the single grape variety it was made from.

9. Demi-sec – The French term for a medium dry wine

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