I Have Dipped My Toe In


Dip Your Toe

Once again my friend has sent me an opportunity that I think is worth the “Risk”. Risk I say, Of course there is risk involved, but how high do you rate such risk if the cost of participating is only $50 one-time?

I guess you have all heard of Bitcoin and at the moment they are hovering $490 – $90 more than 10 days ago. For many this is a buying opportunity. For some they would not touch them.

But what if you don’t want to “ride the tiger” that is Bitcoin? Is there any other way you could profit from it, other than actually buying it?

Yes, there is.

One avenue there is high hopes for is GBBG – a group of Bitcoin developers who are working on a number of exciting projects.

You can get an idea as to what they have planned in this blog post:


The good news is you can become a co-founder of this group for a very modest one-time fee, and stand to gain should their projects yield profits.

As I said there is risk involved, but how high do you rate such risk if the cost of participating was $40 one-time, it is now $50 one time. The reason why the amount has risen to $50 is that they are increasing the price by $10 every 250 people. I paid the $50, I was too slow.

GBBG is running this crowd-funding project through their member portal – BitBillions, and you can learn more from the link below:


 You can register for free, look around, and if you like what you see you can upgrade to co-founder within the member area.

Check it out you have nothing to lose

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