Biggest Load To Be Moved In West Australia.

This is the biggest load to be moved in West Australia.

It weighed over 700 tons with four trucks towing and two pushing it on the gravel.

They were travelling at 4 Km’s per hour on the gravel reaching 6km’s hour on the bitumen, the distance to the new mine is 230 Km’s they drove up to 15 hours a day taking 6 days to reach their destination (this also included becoming bogged with four front end loaders having trouble pulling it out) 



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6 responses to “Biggest Load To Be Moved In West Australia.

  1. Barry Bradshaw

    Where in Western Australia was this happening?

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  3. michael jones

    from where and to

    • lesleyvoth

      I tried to find out via the internet but could not find out exact information. There was the same pictures and comments but no exact info. Sorry

  4. Gazza

    They moved the digger from Christmas mine near Fitzroy Crossing to nearby Turkey Creek

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