To My Dear Friend Rich – God Needs Her More


Dear Rich

To My dear friend Rich what can I say
To make you feel better even in just a small way

I cannot hold you to comfort you as I am too far away
But my heart grieves for our loss, a very sad day

Kristi was special Rich, her passing a shock
I know she is everything to you, you to her, her to you, a rock

We don’t hug, touch, greet and see each other enough when we could
Our friends that are special, we think they will be with us forever, as they should

I can’t imagine the pain, disbelief, emptiness you are all feeling at this time
But I know she would not want you to grieve too long, she knows life has too many mountains to climb

I know Rich your heart is broke, you will miss her, your pain to the core
But you and I know that it is her time and God needs her more


Kristi – You Will Never Be Forgot

To Kristi my friend where ever you are
Right now close by, I am sure not to far

We have only known each other but a few years
Your passing has been a shock we all have shed many a tear

My memory of you will always know you to have good humor and bright
Strong convictions and stand up for what is right

Some laughs a few jell-O shots we have shared
Maybe a few to many glasses of red wine, not counting and who cares

Kristi I bid you farewell and you will be missed by us all a lot
But rest assured my friend, you will never be forgot


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