Poem Friday On Thursday – Happy Birthday Rich

Happy Birthday Rich
Author – Lesley Voth

What can I say about my friend who is a ‘Rock Star’
We have together had many a beer at many, many a bar

I love and cherish his friendship, would trust him with my life
Loyal and faithful to his friends and especially his lovely wife

We have been on many long rides together on our motorbikes
Smoked a cigar, whisky or two, got to know some of his dislikes

His long hair, like very long hair, is his pride and joy
Longer than most men in the shower, conditioning, to protect not destroy

Yep our boy he is a bit of a flirt, but the entertainment we totally enjoy
The girls love him, they give him that come hither smile, smooth our charismatic playboy

He has no love for water, you can be sure you will never see him in a pool
Doesn’t like to be splashed, will enjoy watching with beer in hand on a bar stool

He goes to the gym and has muscles like Popeye who ate all his spinach
Speaks fluent spanish, good-looking Dad, appears to come from a strong lineage.

We know you are bike less at the moment and that is a bitch
But you are very special to us and we love you.
Happy Birthday Rich


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One response to “Poem Friday On Thursday – Happy Birthday Rich

  1. Rich

    Very nice! Thank you!

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