Be Healthy Be Beautiful – Pressure Points – The Feet

If you look closely there are some different pressure points on each foot. Example being the liver point below the lungs on the right foot not on the left.
This is something so beneficial for partners to do to each other while watching TV. I love it, in fact it is orgasmic especially if you are reasonably healthy and very few sore points.
The idea is to work on each pressure point indicated on the chart for ten seconds. Start on the big toe then working horizontally out to the edge of the food. Move downwards. Repeat on the other foot.

I notice on Amazon that Joseph Corvo has another book other than “Zone
” called “Healing with Color Zone Therapy“. I will get this book as I have used the “Zone Therapy” for years and I am sure this one is equally as interesting and hopefully as useful.
Incidentally the “Zone Therapy” book is only 70-cents on amazon an absolute bargain.

Left foot

Right foot

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