A Journey Through Aging For The Young

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I was reading this article today and first thought what a good idea. Then I thought again, as it also puts into the minds of the young that this is how you are going to be in your old age. Maybe not for them, maybe they will be fitter and healthier than this older generation. On the other hand I guess this is an exercise in respect for the older generations physical inabilities at this present day and age being 2013.

Anyway to get to the story, at the Israel Children’s Museum near Tel Aviv, they have what they call “Dialogue With Time” and features guides age 70 and older who explain the limitations and joys of aging (so it is not just about limitations).
In one room visitors confront the challenges of performing daily tasks, such as unlocking a door with unsteady hands, going up and down stairs with difficulty. Basically it creates an intergenerational dialog that breaks all stereotypes and clichés on aging, through experience and games. They also have another area where the young person is photographed and then their picture altered by computer to show what they will look like at 80.
I think it is a great educational idea for the young to realize that the old are mentally still energetic and have a lot of knowledge that could be rather helpful to them and have respect for their physical limitations. It is for the ages of 12 and over.

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