Think Twice Before Buying Baby Carrots


I know they look cute and you are thinking that they are a healthy snack for the kids lunch. Think again.
They are really not that healthy. You are much better to buy the whole carrot, wash them before using them and chewing on a bigger and healthier carrot.

The process in making these cute little orange carrots is:-

1. They are the result of taking all the ugly big carrots they can not put in the package. (that is not so bad).

2. Grinding them up to the shape of those baby carrots in a special machine. (that is not so bad)

3. They then give them a good soaking in chlorine to give them a bright happy orange color. (Now that is bad) I have noticed that they turn white after a while, well that is the chlorine.

So the prognosis is, go for the big ones or ones that look like they have just been pulled from the ground and still have the green tops on, wash and peel them yourself. Don’t go for the littlies


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