Help With Those Medical Costs


I was listening to the TV yesterday and the subject being discussed was about a young couple whose son needed a tonsillectomy. Because of the cost they could not afford it. Apparently the cost ranged from $5,000 to as much as 21,000 for the same operation.

Well apparently there is some help in finding possibly a cheaper price for any medical procedure that you may need.

It comes in the name of ‘Healthcare Blue Book’. If you go to this website you are able to find the fairest prices for most medical, dental, physicians, X-rays and more.

Type in what ever procedure you are requiring, in this case – Tonsillectomy .

1. Get a menu of the pricing for the procedure. This will give you the top and bottom prices.

2. Negotiate – see what sort of deal you can come up with that will be acceptable to you.

3. Go to Medicare or Medicaid and see what their charges are and compare.

Always make sure the hospital or doctors are accredited .

Anyway I thought it was interesting and maybe of some help to anyone who is in a similar position regarding medical cost.

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