Poem Friday on Monday – Me With No Clothes On At Bermagui

Early last sunday, got up early, I went for a walk
I was at Bermagui, small town NSW, Australia, only noise, the seagulls squawk.


Beautiful and peaceful I have to say
I camped in my nieces beach shack, great place to stay


Bushy lanes, sandy pathways with mountain views
One could only feel happy and at peace, certainly rid that fit of blues


The sun rising bringing the color of day
just love my feet in the sand, it makes you feel good in a special way


With my feet in the sand I am about to swim at last
I was so carried away time went so fast


I need to skinny dip before anyone comes along
The feel of that water cool, clear, the current a little strong


Set the camera up to click in a minute or two
Ran to the water, Like the whole area knew
Down came the locals, more than just a few


So there I am in the water and nothing to see
Had to dive under, cause the water is clear as can be
I was submerged long enough to be shivering and a color bluey
So that was me with no clothes on in a place called Bermagui

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