21 Ways To Feel Young, Healthy and Fitter


1. Nourish your Yin – “Chinese medicine sees aging as a process of drying out and becoming depleted.  Due to a loss of yin, the essential natural life energy that is cooling, moistening and nourishing that keeps us youthful. To remain youthful, learn to rest when tired and find ways to replenish your energy, such as using acupuncture to rebalance and taking herbs like American Ginseng and rehmannia which nourish yin”. This is the opinion of Wesley Smith, director of Livewell Spa and Wellness Centre

2. Exercise in natureMojo Mentor Jo Brown Who has spent many years surfing suggests that it is a sport great for your fitness, core, and upper body strength and also a reminder that we are playing with something that is far more powerful than ourselves. Kinda takes your mind off things so to speak, when you are struggling underwater with an enormous wave (been there). Not everyone is a surfer but there are many things you can do to exercise those great feelings when walking, running or swimming with nature. Feeling depressed? – try it.


3. Get Sexy – Move your mojo regularly with your loved one or the one you love. Brown says that keeping your sexual expression and energy moving is great for your sexual endocrine (Hormones), central nervous system and general well-being.
Post – sex hormones create a pleasure burst of dopamine and serotonin, also a calming effect of endorphins. Another benefit is that you breath through your body much more effectively and your cells organs and tissue regenerate better – that equals a fabulous anti aging cocktail.

4. Invert yourself – ‘Legs up the wall’ – This is a very powerful anti aging yoga pose. I know I had an amazing 80-year-old Yoga teacher who literally stood on her head, no problem. The benefits of this  if done on a regular basis is help minimize  adrenal fatigue, insomnia, and support heart and lymphatic system function.  Has to be good for the brain as well I am sure.


5. Drink Like A Child – Do you remember that nice warm glass of milk your mother used to give you before bed. My Mum used to put a small drop of honey in it, for my children I used to put molasses in it. Great for getting them off to sleep. This is good for us adults as well, especially if we are having trouble sleeping or calming down. Some experts say that it also assists in weight loss and the calcium is great for the bones.

6. Think Young – The author of ‘Counter clockwise’ Professor Ellen Langer – writes that we are victims of our own thoughts about aging and our health. She suggests that we stay away from the negative regarding our age or what we should expect about aging. I am a firm believer that absorbing any of the crap the media and advertising is telling you, about how creaky your bones are or how old you are feeling because you have reached 60 and is leading you towards the downhill run. Get ‘TiVo’ and flick past those advertising lies.

7. Expose Yourself – Natural light on your body produces Vitamin D. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption, great for the brain, reduces the effects of arthritis, lowers blood glucose, reduces stress and helps maintain a healthy weight. These are the words of Chris Van Hoof – trainer and owner of Chisel Fitness, he is saying it does not have to be a high intensity work out just get those legs moving outside in the fresh air and sunlight.

8. An Apple a Day – “Apples are high in polyphenols which protect the skin against the oxidative damage which cause wrinkles” – the words of dietitian Melanie Mc Grice

9.  Take four – Follow the four key steps – Drink loads of clean filtered water to flush toxins and plump your skin – take time for yourself, Do something you love – Eat organic – Quit sugar.


10. Do the salon thing – A trip to the salon to have your hair cut and colored, nails done can do wonders. As you age you lose color in your skin so a change of hair color can brighten your demeanor.

11. Read skin care labels –  Skincare products can be quite harmful to the skin so make sure you read the labels for any harmful ingredients that may be contained in the product. Dr Karen Coates author of “Embracing the Warrior” suggested that naturally derived products minimize the inflammation that result from chemical products. 

12. Eat Expansively – Variety in your diet is essential to a healthy digestive system. If you stay with the same old same old your digestive system gets sluggish. Eat good quality meat and vegetables that supply a multitude of vitamins and minerals. Remember the darker the vegetable the more nutritionally  valuable it is.


13. Love Your Liver – Your liver becomes so overworked when you over indulge in processed food or consume more alcohol than you need and that can result in a dull skin or just generally makes you feel sluggish and not on top of the world. Basically using your liver as your own rubbish dump is harmful to you.

Make sure you feed your liver with the best that is available in good quality vegetables. Juices of beet root, carrot, spinach and cucumber are fantastic for your liver.

14. Vitamin C for a great skin – The American Journal of Nutrition that people who had diets high in Vit C had fewer wrinkles and less age related symptoms of all kinds. They recommend the amount of 4,000 of Vit C daily to assist in a healthy immune system and absorb food better.

15. Eat to beat the heat – Eating loads of vegetables and reducing the consumption of dairy and wheat helps reduce age related inflammatory results.  A Mount Sinai University study found people who cooked food at a lower temperature had fewer advanced glycation end products which are compounds in the blood that produce inflammation.

16. Slash Stress – According to psychologist Cindy Nour,  stress on the body is the same as the body reacting to physical danger. Stress can make you look older and have negative effects on your health.

  • Solutions for this can be yoga, meditation and especially breathing exercises.
  • Soothing activities like massages, walks, a great book, a facial, pedicure.
  • Think about what is stressing you. remember you can control your own feelings and emotion but you cannot control others.
  • Have a good laugh. Do what ever you love.
  • Try cognitive behavior that will teach you to relax. You may not be able to control a situation but you can control  how you view it.

17. Minimise toxins – A healthy liver will remove toxins, help the burning of body fat, fresh glowing eyes and a happy disposition. According to Sharon Kolkka  drink lots of water and add some turmeric to your diet and try some detoxifying herbs like  Milk Thistle.

18. Eat Fat – Give up the ‘Low Fat’ theory its laden with sugar and other chemicals. Eat more natural  fats says medical scientist  Annalies Corse  Organic unprocessed full fat foods in their natural state are extremely beneficial for organs that tend to age first like your skin, and eyes. Healthy fats help repair  cell membranes and assist with  maintaining a healthy weight. Good fats are healthy for neural tissue in the brain and producing reproductive steroid hormones.  Generally it has a lot of health benefits.

19. Change the way you think – When faced with a problem ask yourself ‘What is the worst that could happen’ . As in John Lennon’s  words ‘ There Are No Problems Only Solutions’. Try to always find the positive in a situation. The less stress you have the healthier your body and mind and reduces the aging process.


20. The Color of the rainbow in your diet – Kathleen Allaeume, nutritionist and author of ‘Whats Eating You’ suggests that to get the right balance of vitamins and minerals plus antioxidants, that you eat fruit and vegetables the colors of the rainbow. Each color has amazing health benefits for fighting disease. Worth taking the effort to purchase the variety of fruit and veges when next you are grocery shopping.

21. Meditate or just be still – Meditation has wonderful benefits if it is something you are able to do or even try to do for a few minutes every day. I for one struggle with meditation but I do love just a few minutes to myself, especially first thing in the morning when no one is around. Just to sit still by the beach, under a tree, or even just somewhere special in your home or backyard. It is a time that I find inspiration and peace.


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