Poem Friday – 08/03/2012 – From Alaska to Yukon and Off To YellowKnife

Dawson City Hotel where we stayed

From Alaska to Yukon and Off To YellowKnife
Author – Lesley Voth

We crossed the border from Alaska to Yukon the other day
As usual am questioned from border control, no smile, personality? no way

Then Traveled on the top of the world road
Down to Chicken township for fuel and Carb load

Man the road was rough and unkept, 120 miles of gravel
The bike slipping from side to side, not the best to travel

After hours of an uneasy bumpy ride
I think I rode it well, just a little pride

We arrived at the Dawson City ferry
A ride from one side of the river, beautiful – very

We stayed at the Hotel Dawson City
Old world, gold mining town,no time to explore, such a pity

On we rode another 600 miles of beauty
Scenery that was Mother natures pleasure and duty

Not a bear or Moose to be seen
But that was a good thing, but shit on the road where they had been

We Arrived at Watson lake, Stayed at Golden Nugget cabins for the night
Charged us an arm and a leg, four stars? in my mind that was not right

But I have come to the conclusion, a bit of a kick
That if you want to spend your life savings super quick

Have a holiday in Canada because you will spend up large
Because as a Aussie Texan you learn quick they know how to charge

But on our way did we see Buffalo and Moose with its young on the side of the road
After we left Lake Watson, eating undisturbed,peaceful and no fear for us showed

Anyway we are now in Fort Nelson for a night stay
Off to Yellow knife tomorrow a thousand kilometers away

So up with the kickstand for another day
I love it and would not have it any other way

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