Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?

This was sent to me and I thought it rather interesting. I for one never ever think that Junk food is cheaper. I say that for a few reasons. 1. Making a meal from scratch is fulfilling. 2. More nutritious 3. It is family orientated.4. Fast Food is usually none of these things. Buying cooked food in a bag or box usually is consumed in minutes without much thought about what we are eating or even making time for conversation. So its costs are higher in family time and nutrition, So In my mind it is never cheaper
On saying all that I do enjoy a Jack in A box or Mc Donald’s and other Fast Food, every now and then. Totally enjoy, probably because I don’t do it that often but when I do it tastes very yummy. For me it is a treat.
Yes I do Jump the fence.

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