May Every Day Be Mother’s Day For You!

Happy Mother’s Day
By Lesley Voth

She has been around for almost 94 years
She is wise, a comforting strength, seen happiness and tears

She indulges in a wine each day about 5 o’clock
She says, “it’s so nice, makes you feel what you’re not”

She and I don’t always agree
but that is natural and will always be

My Mom is a great character with good humor
Loves to go shopping; avid shoe and clothes consumer

My Mom makes the most of all that comes her way
Simple life, no stress, sits in the sun and reads the paper every day

So Mother’s Day is really something retailers invented
Shopping hours purposely extended

But, I celebrate my Mom all year round
She is love, laughter, and a sparkle compound

Happy Mother’s Day Mom
Enjoy and have fun.

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