Poem Friday – Take the time

Take the time

Author: Lesley Voth

While on my run the other day
I passed a school Bus stop full of kids, not one at play

I know it was morning not a time for being alert and bright
But those kids looked bored, sad, didnt look right

With ear buds locked in, listening to different soundings
Not aware of who is beside them and all their surroundings

Not communicating, not laughing and playing games
So engrossed in what they are hearing, songs of famous names

Do they ever look into the eyes of that person they are sitting beside
Do they sit on that bus, never even seeing what is passing outside

Do they see that person is maybe sad or shedding a tear
Do they see that they maybe hurting, living in fear

Do they see that one of them may be very lonely
Do they see that they would like a conversation, if only

They won’t interrupt you for fear they may be rude
They probably consider you really don’t care, or be in the mood

You know I don’t think that many of them are aware
That when they put those ear buds in, at the ground they stare

I would like to say, and I do because I love fun, people and I care
Maybe some of these tragedies at schools may not happen, would be rare

If we all took the time to observe those around us
We may save a life, make someone laugh, make their day a plus

Take out those ear buds in company of those around you, that would be fine
Be aware, of their feelings, look at them, speak to them, and take the time

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