Mood and Food

I read this article today which I thought was very interesting. Not sure if we change our personality that it would change our body shape as the question would be how long can you change who you are. Probably not long. Anyway here is what they had to say.

Can’t lose weight? Your personality may be to blame.

Your character may affect your weight as much as your diet does, according to a new NATIONAL INSTITUTE ON AGING study. Researchers found that impulsive people weigh about 22 pounds more than those who are cautious. Antagonistic folks gained 10 pounds more over their lifetime than did their friendlier counterparts. ( angry people tend to binge eat, previous studies have reported). Those who are conscientious weigh the least: about 8 pounds less than those who are not as dutiful. “While you can’t change your personality, you can change your eating behavior based on what you know about your personality.” says lead researcher Angelina R. Sutin, Ph.D. ” So impulsive individuals might eat less if they plan their meals in advance”

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