Don’t Drink And Buy

Did you know that if you have been drinking you are likely to spend more online?

According to HLNTV this morning, studies found we are likely to blow caution to the wind when it comes to spending under the influence of alcohol.

It appears that we drink and buy more in the evenings. Some companies offer great specials late at night taking the opportunity of the survey that sales are particularly heavy in the evenings.

So you may end up questioning the parcels you might get in the mail, like some sexual equipment or some hat or handbag that is totally not your taste in fashion. Or in some cases, you might book yourself an extravagant vacation, as a result of one too many glasses of wine or whiskey.

So do not drink and buy – It is financially hazardous

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One response to “Don’t Drink And Buy

  1. Yeah! Have a glass of wine and then hire me to plan your wine tasting adventure somewhere! LOL

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