Poem Friday – Note To Donna

It is just a few days away from the celebration
Its her birthday a special occasion

Who is Donna you might ask and I will tell you straight
Donna is my niece from a marriage of late

I inherited her, which was a great gift
My ex-husbands sisters daughter, still a friend after the rift

Life has not always been easy she has been through many a trial
But she can hold her head up high, be proud, walk with style

I am proud of all that she has achieved
She has struggled, persisted, flourished and believed

For the person she has become, fierce and loyal, quiet not so loud
She sure would have made her Mother so very proud

Her mother left us suddenly a few years back
Just like her Mom, strength of character she does not lack

Well Donna love you and I wish you the best and a wonderful day
When I get back to Australia we will celebrate in our usual drinkin’ and laughin’ way


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