5 Habits of Efficient Drivers

1. Slow down » Statistics show that driving 5 miles over 60MPH is equivalent to paying 29 cents extra for every gallon of gas you burn. Of course the cost goes up the faster you go.

2. Smooth accelerator » The Environmental Protection Agency recommends accelerating moderately and evenly and not chomping on the brakes can save a $1 or more per gallon. So relax and keep it smooth, save money.

3. Lose the Roof rack » Racks for luggage, bikes, boats, any type of roof rack can affect the aerodynamics of your vehicle. The result being using more fuel. If you are not using your rack take it off, it is costing you more fuel.

4. Remove unnecessary items in your vehicle » Having your car full of junk can cost you. The extra weight can make your vehicle use more fuel than if you were running a clean tidy car.

5. Stop that idling » Fifteen minutes of idling can burn a quarter of a gallon of gasoline, especially if the AC is going.

Source: AARP magazine and you can also find more information in my book Simply Fantastic – Living better on less

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