Did You Know – 09/19/2011

1. The US Food & Drug administration estimates that roughly 10 kilograms of pesticides per person are used every year; of those at least 59 are carcinogenic.

2. Grapes are one of the more pesticide – intensive conventional crops. The higher reliance on the grape the more pesticide.

3. Since 1998, Italy has been the European country with the highest number of organic farms. The organic sector has one of the largest annual growth rates in the EU

3. The Thai farming economy has been devastated by its dependence on chemicals; but the good news is more growers are joining the organic movement resulting from the organic movement of the community of Buddhist Monks called Asok, which means “Happiness” in Thai. This group has become the leader in Thailand’s organic and sustainable agriculture movement.

4. In Italy, Coldiretti (the national federation of farmers) has declared Sunday the national day of organic products. Italy opens up hundreds of piazza squares on Sunday throughout the country, giving organic farmers the opportunity to sell their products directly to the people.

5. Himalayan sea salt is the purest of salts, is uncontaminated by pollutants and toxins, and is rich in 84 minerals.

6. These days almost all corn is genetically modified. Rule of thumb: unless it is labelled organic the corn has been genetically modified.

Source; Nature and Health

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