Boost Your Brain Power

I think we all get a little concerned about our memory at times. I have heard it many times where someone is complaining because they cannot remember names, always loosing their keys, go to get something and cannot remember what it is and then have to retrace their steps so they can remember what it was. Does that sound like you? I know it sounds like me.
Just read an article yesterday and good news is that you are able to improve your memory and decrease your chances of getting dementia by some simple changes to your lifestyle.

1. Loving your heart

Anything that protects your heart from stress and damage will reduce your risk of dementia. Loose weight, get that blood pressure lower and improve your glucose and lipid control.

2.Exercise regularly

Those who remain fit and active retain their cognitive faculties longer. You can be very intelligent and bright but if you do not exercise the chances of you getting memory problems increase.

3. Eating well

Your diet influences your risk of cognitive decline and dementia. Foods naturally high in anti-oxidants may improve cognitive function.

4. Keeping your mind active

The saying goes if you don’t use it, you lose it. Mental activity together with exercise maintains your mental alertness. Social isolation can lead to stress, depression and mental decline. Join a club or society and stay socially active.

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