Cholesterol Numbers – What do They Really Mean?

The Cholesterol number is essentially worthless” says Dr. Arthur Agatston.

I find this remark rather interesting. For the last 5 years I have been giving blood every 12 weeks, upon which I am given a cholesterol test. That test is usually on the high side and am sure would be put on some form of Statin drug by the medical profession if I chose to be examined by them.

I believe I live a fairly healthy lifestyle. I eat well and I exercise most days and stay away from any form of medication. When I read this article where they were commenting on a study which showed “heart attacks struck people whose cholesterol levels (below 200) deemed them safe based on long-held guidelines”.

I have always been of the opinion that Cholesterol is a natural function of the liver and once we start interfering with this that it puts our bodies out of balance.
I have to question the prescribing of statins for those with “High cholesterol” and if it is of any benefit or maybe a danger to your health.
My brother died this year at 70 years of age. He was of thin stature, lived a very healthy lifestyle, but had been on a statin drug for several years. He died suddenly from a heart attack. It left me asking the question about the accumulation of plaque in his body and if he had not been on a statin drug would his natural cholesterol levels kept the plaque at bay.

This article written by David S. Martin, CNN on cholesterol numbers is very interesting and leaves one with more questions and if you are on cholesterol lowering medication it might be worth getting another opinion on whether you should be on them.

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