Poem Friday – What Makes You Smile

Grandchildren who make me smile

What Makes You Smile
Author: Lesley Voth

When I remember, that is most days
I ask my grandchildren did something happen to make them smile in a special way?

What was it that made them, that day, feel good
What touched them, made them feel as happy as they should

One would say, I played footy and had good tackles and heaps of fun
The other, just playing with my friends, laughing, it was awesome

I like to ask them that question when I pick them up from school
Hoping for them to remember all the good things, not the bad, it is a good tool

It is a good thing for us all each day
To remember our time in a happy, eventful way

Just that little smirk or big smile
To remember it even if it is momentary for a while

There are many things each day that can bring us down
But remembering one small thing, can make us smile and lose that frown

My friends, give me a pleasure that I do not hide
A good feeling, always different, always a happy ride

Talking to my Mum, that gives me a smile
She doesn’t always remember, but she does for a while

My husbands loud laugh, his humor and style
It works for us, it makes our life worthwhile

So when you are feeling a little low
Think of something that happened today that made you feel good, gave you a glow

Because life is to short, as a dead person will tell you, if he could
And think of all the face muscles you will use, look beautiful, feel good

So what made you smile?
There will be something, just think for a while

See there is that smirk, yes you remember
It might be small, but makes you feel good like the lights of December



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