They Should Rot In Hell

They Should Rot in Hell
Author: Lesley Voth

I went to see a movie the other day
Called Oranges and sunshine, disturbing I have to say.

150,000 children as young as three
Were shipped from England to Australia by sea

Stripped from their parents that most were still living
To be said for their own good a great life, the authorities were giving.

These precious innocent young lives given away
To tremendous physical and sexual abuse every day

Did you know? I know I did not
These people who did this should go to hell and rot

Government authorities were responsible for their care
Did they know what was happening to them, would they admit? no they would not dare.

This did not happen centuries ago
No, as late as 1970. Did you know?

If it was not for a dedicated social worker employee
Who unfolded a scandal, was harassed, very brave I am sure you will agree

She travelled between these countries to help mend these broken dreams
Sometimes success, joined with Mothers who believed they were adopted in Britain it seems.

These children, now adults, sad and suffering broken spirits, it would make you cry
Those who scarred these innocent children in the name of ‘God’ – Why, Why, Why.

How could they do this to these such young children who thought the sky was to be blue
Sick in the head I am sure that is true.

As you can see this film disturbed me a lot
I am so pleased it has exposed a cruel and thoughtless plot.

Yes 150,000 of them, as many people in some cities
A story well told, exposing the disgrace of those who in power and who had no pities.

Yes that’s what they were told it was for their own good
Oranges for breakfast and sunshine every day they understood

This is a movie to see or a book you should read
It’s in our time, a need to know, and be aware of indeed

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