Poem Friday – 06/03/2011

A very weird Week
author – Lesley Voth

I think the stars are misaligned this week
Strange, weird happenings so to speak

Actually when I come to think
Its been crazy, it could drive you to drink!

It has been time of expressed surprise and shock
Relationships crumbling when I thought they were steady as a rock.

A long-standing and loving marriage almost came to an end
No strangers to me, but a friend of a friend

That wasnt the only one, you could have knocked me over with a feather
And that’s another thing, all around the world it has been fearful weather

Around the world in many places the ground trembled and shook
Again more sadness, destruction and many lives it took

For me this week was the most traumatic of all
My granddaughter Mika, from the horse, had a nasty fall

Hearing her Mothers terror and seeing her limp frame
I thought the worst a terrible feeling, a feeling with no name

Off in the ambulance she went leaving us numb and standing
But thank-you Lord and her angels because they must have softened her landing

Many bruises and scratches on her body and face
But only a broken arm, was the result, that’s all they could trace

But you know the memorable and good thing about today
Having a laugh and coffee with the girls, makes me happy in a special way

When I am with my friends, we tell stories, we offload our woes
We laugh about them, offer sympathy, it softens the blows

To talk to my husband who is always cheerful and true
He gives me freedom, love and another point of view

So damn those stars, get back into line
Because I like it when everything is happy and fine

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