Make Shopping A More Conscious Experience

I love grocery shopping, probably because I actually like cooking, so for me shopping is like an adventure and love looking for new products. I try to stay with wholesome, healthy food and the basic stuff is usually as close to natural and nutritious as I can find.
Two things I always make sure I do before I go shopping is  ( a) I have is a shopping list, so I don’t venture too far off the mark and (b) have a sandwich before I go so I don’t go hungry and tempted to buy more than I need on overpriced, unhealthy food for a quick bite, because I am starving hungry.

Here is a list of the staple food that I consider a healthy choice when I go to the supermarket.

BREAD – Sourdough, rye, spelt and mountain bread (Paper thin bread, Saj or markouk, meaning “stretched ” or “patted”, simple bread of Hunza people of Northern Pakistan and the Sardinians from Italy)

WHITE CHEESES – Goats cheese and feta as opposed to processed cheese in plastic.

FROZEN VEGETABLES – Not as good as fresh of course but perfectly healthy and very convenient for the busy cook of the house.

MILK – If you or anyone in the family are allergic to cow’s milk choose oat or rice milk.

SAUCES – Choose Worcestershire, tamari and mustard instead of salty soya sauce, barbecue, tomato and sweet chilli.

WHOLEGRAINS – Choose brown rice instead of white and wholemeal pasta. So you want gluten-free? go for quinoa.

MEAT – Organic is preferable but of course more expensive. Stay away from processed and pressed meats.

TOFU – Not everyone’s choice especially not my husbands. It is packed with protein and fibre. Non meat eaters love it. Try it on your meat free day.

CRACKERS – I love these, you can have a lot of healthy choices, when it comes to what goes on them. Go for the whole grain, corn, rice or spelt.

Always be aware of what goes in your shopping trolley. Read the labels and stay away from excessive trans fats, saturated fats, sodium and sugar and any other ingredient you don’t understand or has a number.

Frugal and healthy eating!


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