Back in Australia again

Yes here I am again back in the land of Kangaroos. Talking of Kangaroos one jumped in front of my car yesterday, the biggest one I have seen in a long time, very close to giving the front of may car a new look. It has been raining here almost everyday since January, and there is a lot of feed around, so that is why he was looking so enormous, because it is non stop feed for them.
As you know I live in Texas most of the time when I am in USA and I have five words to say “Dont complain about fuel prices“. The fuel price here as from yesterday is $5.60 gal and it has been higher. Food prices are explosive. Bananas are on an average $6 lb, red peppers $5.00 lb and meat almost double the price of what we pay in Texas. The economy, like everywhere is having its problems, the price of houses would blow you away when you compare them to Texas.
Love Australia but I love Texas too.

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