Are You About To Buy An Airline Ticket?

Up until now when you bought your airline ticket you got hit with other unforeseen charges after you purchased your ticket.
Not anymore. The new Federal rule is that the airlines must inform you about all the airfare charges, before you buy the ticket.

1. The airline must fully disclose all fee’s and taxes when you purchase your ticket.
2. If you get bumped your compensation will be increased.
3. Lost Bag? Your baggage fee’s will be refunded.

For your information and consideration when buying a ticket:

Southwest – Has no fee’s for the first two bags.
I notice that Southwest has an EarlyBird Check-In. They assign your boarding position in advance of general check-in time, so you don’t have to worry about it. For only $10 one-way, you get an improved boarding position and earlier access to overhead bins.
Do you need this service? I personally would begrudge paying the $10, but it maybe important to you or anyone that has a rather large carry on bag.
To me it is an unnecessary fee.

Jet Blue – Has no fee’s for the first bag.

All other airlines charge for your checked in bags.

Solution – Have a single carry on bag. It will force you to learn to pack well



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3 responses to “Are You About To Buy An Airline Ticket?

  1. Hi Lesley,

    We fly Continental Airlines from the Yucatan to the States and there is no charge on 2 check in bags as long as they are 50lbs or less each.

    Thanks, Christine

  2. Well I googled around and looks like continental has changed also. I guess that is the airlines way of making more money!


    • lesleyvoth

      Thanks Christine. When I got your first comment I thought I would check, as I travel continental most of the time, well in fact all the time as in my experience it seems to have the most reliable timetable. I travel to Australia every few months so I really need to make sure I get my connecting flight. So far so good.
      Anyway to get back to the baggage charges, it appears that if you fly economy (within USA) and most people do, you have to pay the baggage fee’s. If you have paid’ full fare economy’ (which is almost the same as business) you don’t have to pay the fee. The fee’s of course are waived for business class.
      Continental baggage fees.

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