Overdraft Protection And More…

Love your money!

I was listening to the Gale King show this morning for the first time and Suzie Orman was a guest. Suzie was also promoting her new book ‘The Money Class

Her advice this morning was “Do not ever sign up for overdraft protection“. Her reason is that it is just another reason for the banks to charge you more fee’s. You may only be a few cents over but you will be charged for it. It also enables you, to disregard the responsibility of spending within your means.

Make sure you know about money and don’t use the excuse of financial ignorance. Know what that student loan, buying a car, buying a house is going to cost you right to the last cent.

Another subject that she spoke about was infidelity spending. The person that she was speaking to had a 12,000 dollar credit card debt that the spouse knew nothing about.
The next question Suzie asked, blew me away. She asked “Are you about 24 lbs overweight”. The reply was “yes”.
Suzie said that with her experience in the business she found that those that were in debt were often 1-2lbs overweight per thousand dollars in debt.

Suzie of course recommended that they come clean with the spouse, even though there was a fear of divorce as a result.

I thought this was interesting, wanted to share and of course Suzie always has great, sound information to give.

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