Poem Friday – Charlie, Monday Was My Favorite Weekday…

Charlie, Monday Was My Favorite Weekday…
Author – Lesley Voth

Hey Charlie what do you think
Oh just a moment, I need to top up my drink

Does all this commotion, craziness that is all around you
Invigorate, stimulate or is it just plain anger at a selected few

I don’t think you are crazy, but I think you are frustrated and mad
I would be too if I lost 2 million dollar an episode job, which I had

Two and a half men, the best show ever
It was funny, smart, gave me such pleasure.
And like so many I found it extremely clever

I am so sorry this is show is ending this way
Because of it, Monday was my favorite weekday

I admire that you stand for your freedoms and right
That you wont lay down, you will give them a good fight

But remember that those that are close to you
Are concerned, worried about where this is all leading to
There are many that view you as a little crazy and big-time cuckoo.

Some want you committed and use the legal term 5150
Do you think they are right, I bet your answer is no

So be very careful Charlie that they don’t take control
Because all this turmoil causes such stress and on your health takes a toll

I wish you peace in a positive way
Look over your shoulder, keep safe, and be here to stay

So here’s to you as I drink my wine
And here’s to courage when you walk the fine line.

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One response to “Poem Friday – Charlie, Monday Was My Favorite Weekday…

  1. BPJaMV IMHO you’ve got the right answer!

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