Poem Friday on Monday – Grace and Bobby

Grace and Bobby
Author: Lesley Voth

When met with a problem
That is hard to use grace
not to use anger and hate in that space.

It is time to feel peace and be still
Take your thoughts somewhere nice at will

Not to kick it and throw it down
Not a look to kill or frown

Not to wish to replace it with new
Replace it with anything, yep get rid of you

Are you wondering what I am talking about
After traveling 400 miles, there was no doubt

Bobby my motor cycle on a long ride yesterday
Decided to be stupid a long way away

He made funny noises and revved loud and fast
I wasnt sure the whole trip he would last

He drank fuel like never before
If he keeps doing this I will be very poor.

So I am trying very hard to show mercy and Grace
I am not feeling good about Bobby in this case.

Off to the repair shop he goes again
Bobby is becoming a financial drain

Oh where was I, oh yes about Grace
I better go breathe and put myself and mind in a better place

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