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Did you know according to Pew Research Centre that 61% of Americans search the internet for medical info.
It seems that too much privacy can be bad for your health and sharing your health problems may actually cure or at the least give you some relief. It appears when patients swap health stories their information and wisdom sharing is far better than what they learn at the doc’s.

You are able to discuss reactions to different drugs, symptoms you have, discuss medical tests you may have had with others with similar disorders.

There is room for concern when it comes to health sharing sites because of overload of data and misinformation. The wisest thing to do of course is combine online info with your Doctor.

Many Americans are not insured so going to see the doctor can be a financial burden. Maybe with some discussion online you are able to solve your problem and save that trip to the doctor.

Not Feeling Well? « Click here

1. « Founded by three MIT engineers in 2004. The site’s largest communities are dedicated to ALS, Epilepsy, and fibromyalgia.

2.« A solid general URL with more than 35 disease communities, plus a symptom checker that allows you to pinpoint your pain on an illustrated body diagram.

3. « The association of Cancer online resources site hosts, a real-time chat room that lets cancer patients and survivors exchange information and support.

4. « This tracking site helps users set health management goals especially those related to weight, depression and diabetes. It also sends out test and checkup reminders, breaks down lab results and runs Q&A’s in its community section.

5. « The two-year old community website’s main focus is tracking and maintaining members’ health data, especially for conditions that affect women, such as endometriosis, vulvodynia, and irritable bowel syndrome.

SOURCE « Brigid Sweeney – Womens Health Magazine – Sept 2010

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