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Have just been reading this article about a guy called Phil Campbell who has been in the fitness business for over 35 years.
Phil has written a book called Ready Set Go. This book gives details of how super fast muscle fibres can increase growth hormone.

The reason why I am interested in this subject is that, like many of you, well I could say the vast majority of us exercise most days of the week to not much avail. It seems that our body shape, for all the exercise we do does not change that much especially if you are over the age of say 40, unless we starve ourselves skinny and become obsessed about the food we eat instead of enjoying it.

From what I have read it appears that not only do you build muscle you also look and feel a lot healthier. The good thing about this programme it is only recommended 3 days a week. Beautiful I am thinking to myself.

Dr Mercola who wrote this article changed to this exercise programme after years of exercising like most of us for several hours a week or at least an hour a day. Dr Mercola is saying that he lost 13 pounds and gained 10lbs of muscle. Now that sounds good to me. This is of course the key ingredient to speed, endurance and cardiovascular health.

To get the best out of these exercises and promote the HGH levels it appears that it is important not to consume fructose or any sugars immediately after training.

Phil Explains:-

A new study shows, and this is really exciting, that when you work the fast twitch fiber and work your heart muscle anaerobically, your body releases exercise-induced growth hormones (HGH) that actually mimic taking injections of growth hormones.

… [Y]ou get as much as a 530 percent increase in growth hormone!

… It stays your body for two hours, going after body fat like a heat seeking missile. It’s so powerful that if you were to do the program today and monitor your blood, it will look like you injected growth hormone illegally. That’s why there is no HGH test for Olympic athletes today.”

The research is so clear about the superior benefits of this type of exercise that the American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine have now totally changed their exercise cardio guidelines, according to Phil.

I wont go into many specifics as you can read these article in full on Fitness.mercola.com

Two Foods You Should Never, Ever Eat After Exercise


I am definitely going to give this programme a go and will let you know how I get on.


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4 responses to ““Youth Hormone” in Just 20 Minutes « Sounds Good To Me

  1. Yes, let us know how it works for you, Lesley. I’m still trying to figure out what I can do in the way of exercise with this condition I have (rheumatoid arthritis). I used to work out at the gym and walk 5km per day, but that’s all gone now. My joints are so swollen and sore that for one, it hurts and two I run the risk of dislocating something. Hopefully, in the next few months I’ll have figured it out.

  2. I wish I could sit in the sun on a nice warm beach somewhere. I’m in Canada. I take a Vit D supplement. Just in the last week I met an Ayurvedic doctor. I’m going to try Ayurvedic herbs and spices. I’ve got them on order now. I hope it helps. The meds for RA cause me trouble with side effects.
    Thank you, Lesley for your concern. I’m also going to see about increasing my Vit D dosage to see if it helps.
    Let me know how the exercise program works.

  3. lesleyvoth

    Have been doing this type of exercise now for about two months. I find that it is harder than I thought it would be but it is getting results. I am feeling fitter and able to get my heart-rate up to where it is supposed to be with a lot more ease than when I started. I also made sure I had protein straight after the exercise. I have dropped weight (been slow) and increased muscle. No more flabby arms. I have been doing this exercise at the gym on a bike and outside with running twice a week.
    Lesley Voth

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