Bring in the new year!!

Bring In The New Year
Author; Lesley Voth

Woke up this morning to a beautiful day
I guess its like any other, in a special way

Yes, it is the beginning of a brand new year
Lets pray that it is more prosperous and with less fear

The sun is out, the ocean is calm and the birds are singing
For them it is just another day, they don’t worry about what the year is bringing

So be sure that this year is going to be so good
Don’t let anyone tell you different, You know they could

Whatever the year 2010 to you did bring
You bet that 2011 you are going to sing

It is going to be prosperous believe the best
If it wasn’t last year, remember 2010 is laid to rest.

Lets hope that all our soldiers come home
Be with their families, never more to roam

Lets pray that there will be peace, I know a big ask
Lets start in our homes, our country, an achievable task

So everyone who reads this verse
Believe you will have a bulging prosperous purse

Your health and happiness will be abundant
All your not so good experiences, in 2010, totally redundant

2011 full of fun, laughter and good cheer
Bring it on, bring in the New Year


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2 responses to “Bring in the new year!!

  1. This is great, Lesley.
    I am going to sing in 2011. You are right. How did you know?
    Happy New Year, Lesley.
    I look forward to reading your blog posts in 2011.

    • lesleyvoth

      Go Girl. Thank-you so much for your comments you make it all worth while. I wish you all the best of everything for 2011

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