7 Ways to Prepare for Christmas 2011

1. Save the wrapping paper that is in good condition for the next year.

2. Save all the ribbon, reusable boxes, tins, gift tags.

3. Save the Christmas cards for gift tags for the next year

4. Save those gifts given to you that you wont use. We always get some of those. Someone else may find them useful and love them. They could be body lotions, soaps, candles, books you have already read, clothing that is not quite your taste.

5. If you have had to use your credit card this Christmas, make a priority to get that paid. The bargains you bought for Christmas may not longer be a bargain once you have had to pay months of interest on your credit card.

6. As the year progresses look for bargains that will make good gifts. By the time Christmas 2011 comes along you will have bought most of your gifts and it will not seem such a financial burden and a pleasure to give. I would buy articles like sheets and pillow cases for my boys when they were young. The sheets would have boy things on them which they seem to get pleasure receiving and still have some of those sheets today. Shorts, pajamas, underwear lots of useful things that make up a pile of gifts under the Christmas tree.

7. Have a money jar, and put the coins from your wallet, if you have any, each day, in the jar. In a year you will be surprised how much money you have accumulated.

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