Poem Friday on Saturday – Does The Truth Set You Free?

Does the truth set you free
Author – Lesley Voth

Not if you have told a lie first

Not if it was for greed, the power thirst.

Why is it that we think it is alright

For those in power, to lie to us day and night.

Have you not lost faith in those who control our lives

What of the future for their own children, their husbands, their wives

Those politicians who stretch the truth

What example are they to our youth

This condemnation of the Wikileaks crew

Are they not exposing the lies of many bureaucrats, not just a few

Are we not entitled to freedom of information

Do we not need to know of the problems of their creation

I am sorry about the bull shit we are fed

We need to know the truth not lies instead

If these governments were not now in fear

Then they would be comfortable with all that we are about to hear.

Does the truth set you free.

Ask Julian Assange  I bet he would say – “No they will not let that be”

Does the truth set you free?

No not always  – not always will that be

But it restores faith which we no longer enjoy

From those who make promises but later destroy.

Now I have said what I wanted to say

Expect to be told the absolute truth every day

Accept no less, be an example in every way

Do not allow, do not accept, do not allow your question to be sidestepped

Living in the truth is a beautiful and stressless concept

Let the truth set YOU free

Because for YOU that will always be.


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