Poem Friday on Sunday

I would not change a thing.
Author: Lesley Voth

Upon discussion of depth the other day
We asked would we do it any other way

Between our group the majority said yes
I had to give this a great deal of thought I confess

My conclusion was I would not change a thing
Beautiful places, friends, experiences my life did bring

It was not always a bed of roses, there were difficult times, some heartache
But those experiences lead me in a direction I would probably never normally take

I would not have my beautiful boys
I would not have “Bobby” my motorbike, my exhilarating toys

I would not have met the wonderful people in my life
I would not know pleasure without some strife.

I may not have traveled and seen such beauty as I did
I may not have met my husband, heaven forbid.

They say that God has a plan for us all
We are in the right place, we should relax and stand tall

I know my life will be busy and a lot of things to do yet
God still has some great experiences for me I bet

So yes the answer is no I would not change a thing
I look back at all that I have done, now I look forward to what those experiences will bring.

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One response to “Poem Friday on Sunday

  1. Very good question indeed. Nicely written.

    I spent many years wrestling with questions about why my life is the way it is. Over the past year and a half or so, I found my answers.

    Lesley, your poem is timely. Just last night, I posted a blog relating to your topic.

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