To Get Your Engine Purring!

When was the last time you actually sat down at a quiet place and answered questions about what you are doing, where are you going in life, and why? Looked at certain words and became aware of what that word means to you. If anything.

I am sure it has been sometime for most of us.

I found this article in a magazine called “Nature and Health“. It made me stop and think about some of the questions and how I would answer them. How would I continue a sentence starting with a certain word.

I have written the list down for ‘You’ to read and think about.

Here is the list of phrases and words that I believe will give your spirit something to think about and your answers hopefully make you feel renewed.

Find a quiet place and write this list down, then give yourself the answers when you feel the need.

  • What really matters
  • What I see
  • What is true
  • What I want the world to know
  • What if
  • In my strength
  • Finding my way
  • In the centre of myself
  • What changes everything
  • In the mirror
  • Sometimes
  • Underneath
  • Honouring myself
  • Going deep
  • What I remember
  • What I really want
  • Becoming me
  • Waking up
  • Who I used to be
  • What I am afraid of
  • Finding the key


Your answers may Jump Start your spirit.

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